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Green Smoothie


Green Smoothie

I know it’s time to start controlling my weight again when I see that look.

That look from someone who’s eyes go straight to my belly.  Then what that person is thinking is written all over their face, “I wonder if she is pregnant.”

This may have happened to some of you.  It may have even been said aloud to you.  It was once for me.

I was in line for the bathroom wearing what I thought was an adorable baby doll dress.  The line was long.  The girl at the front of the line looked back at me and said, “Let’s let this this gal go.  She clearly needs to use the bathroom more than us.” Then she winked.

It took me a second to realize what was happening.  See, we were at a restaurant.  After the Kentucky Derby.

And I was a little drunk.

And not pregnant.

Not. At. All.

I looked down at my billowing baby doll dress.

I put my arms around my beer belly and smiled.  I winked at the woman and went into the stall.

Yes, I was mortified.  But I got to go cut in front of 4 people who thought they were doing a good deed.  It was kind of a win-win.

First step in my weight control is to add more vegetables to my every day eating.

First stop: Breakfast.

Don’t be alarmed at the color of this smoothie.  It is super delicious and a wonderfully easy way to get your first servings of veggies for the day.  You will taste the flavors peanut butter and banana.  Something even kids can get on board with!

Green Smoothie

1 1/2 c loosely packed baby spinach

1 frozen banana

4-5 cubes frozen mango  (Just a warning, if you replace this fruit with any type of dark berry your smoothie will be a funky brown, purplish color.)

1 scoop Green Superfood  (You can leave this out, but I like it because it is packed with whole food antioxidants. I bought mine on

1/2 avacado

1 Tb PB2  (This is a fantastic natural powdered peanut butter.  A lower fat version of creamy peanut butter.)

1/2 c apple juice

Place all of these things in the blender and blend until very smooth.  Your smoothie will be frothy and wonderful.

You can buy the Superfood and PB2 directly from amazon by clicking the pictures below:

All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.

Banana Caramel Smoothie

When I was growing up, we never had dessert.
It had to be someone’s birthday for something sweet to make it to the table after dinner.
Times have changed drastically.  My kids expect dessert.
Sometimes we give them smoothies and call them milkshakes.
Sometimes The Great Husband and I think we are so tricky.
We love to revel in our wild and intelligent ways of getting the kids to do what we want them to.
With a high-five or a knowing wink, we celebrate.
Just kidding.  Our lives our more exciting than that.
Not really.
Let’s cook!
Banana Caramel Smoothie
serves 2
2 Frozen Chopped Bananas
2 c Almond or Coconut Milk
1/2 c Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt
2 Tb Caramel Syrup
Add all ingredients to blender and blend it up, baby.


Ahhhh, Breakfast. It is your taste bud’s first impression of the day. It is one of my favorite meals…along with lunch and dinner.
And snack time.
I never understood the large amounts of people who skip breakfast each and every day.
I have never skipped breakfast.
The one time I did, I was at acting camp, and I started to faint during warm-ups.
Although everyone probably thought I was acting.
I once had a roommate who HAD to eat breakfast food before anything else.
That meant if we went out for lunch and she hadn’t eaten by then, she would eat a quick bowl of cereal before we left, or just order breakfast food or lunch.
To me, breakfast is not abut what you eat, but about when.
Before 9 AM.
I can eat anything for breakfast.
Sushi? Yes.
Octopus Salad? Yes.
Tacos? Yes
You name it, I probably have had it for breakfast.
I’ll be honest though, actual breakfast food is what I crave.
I love cereal. I love eggs. I love pancakes.
When we go out, I order omelets.
When we stay in, I make blueberry wheat pancakes.
This particular weekend we had tacos on a Saturday night. That could only mean one thing for the next morning…
Southwest Scramble Breakfast
serves 2
4 eggs
4 Tb Milk
1/4 c chopped red and yellow pepper
1/4 c chopped onion
1 chopped canned green chili pepper
2 Tb Olive oil
1/2 c cheddar cheese
1 handful of cilantro
2 dollops of sour cream
1 spoonful of salsa
Crack eggs and whisk with milk. Season with salt and pepper.
Heat olive oil in a pan.
Add Onions, peppers, and Chile pepper.
Cook until onions are soft and translucent.
Turn heat down to medium-low.
Add eggs.
Immediately begin to move eggs around in the pan.
Continue to do so until eggs are not wet, but still glossy.
Split in half and plate.
Top with cheese, salsa, sour cream.
Sprinkle with cilantro.
Serve with refried beans and guacamole.
muy bueno.

All Puffy

I was standing in Whole Foods the other day in awe of how many options there are for vegetarians these days besides good old TMP (textured vegetable protein). Veggie Dogs, Veggie Burgers, Veggie Deli Meats, Veggie Nuggets, the list goes on and on. I have to add that the flavor or most of these items are pretty good as well. Yes, they are all processed and some are full of sodium, but a veggie dog will always be a healthier option than the real dog.

As I was looking at all of the various knock off meats my eyes stopped by a product located next to the Kim Chi. It was a large flat square wrapped in packaging stating that it was called Mochi. The description on the packaging stated the following: “Mochi is a traditional Japanese food made from short-grain sweet rice. We steam then pound the rice to accentuate its chewy texture and nutty flavor. Bake Mochi-amazing!-it puffs up, creating a chewy moist muffin with a crispy crust. Mochi is satisfying whole grain treat known for promoting stamina. 100% NON-DAIRY and WHEAT-FREE.”

I was hooked. It had me at “puffs up.” I can’t seem to resist anything that puffs up. Between 2 options of plain flavored and cinnamon and raisin, I took the latter. I brought it home and immediately put it to work. Following the directions I cut the block into one inch squares and placed it on a baking sheet, placed it in a 450 oven and watched in amazement. It was like watching Shrinky Dinks do their magic. The food transforms from a hard, flat, dense block into a nicely browned puff ball in about 10-12 minutes.

The best part about these fun little healthy puffs is that they are hollow in the center so they can be filled. The package gave directions for a filling that when stuffed in the Mochi would resemble a raisin-cinnamon danish. It was pretty dreamy, I have to admit. And knowing that there are a lot less calories and way more nutrients in this dessert compared to an actual danish, I felt a lot better about serving it.

Raisin-Cinnamon Mochi Danish
printed on the Grainaissance Mochi packaging
4 2-inch squares of Raisin-Cinnamon Mochi
4 tsp. cream cheese
1/2 walnuts, chopped
4 tsp honey

Mix ingredients together.
Bake Mochi squares as stated on package.
Remove Mochi From oven and let cool.
With a sharp knife, cut a slit in one side of each Mochi pocket and stuff with mixture.

New Year, New Way to Use Pumpkin

For Christmas, my husband’s father gave him a gallon of real Maple Syrup. Yes, an entire gallon! Having realized the pure goodness of Maple Syrup only a couple of years ago, I could honestly say that I was pretty excited to have it in the house. This aint no Aunt Jemimah.
We don’t have the opportunity to sit down and have breakfast together that often. His day starts pretty early going one way, mine starts early going the opposite direction. However, this morning was New Years, and we were both home. This was the perfect opportunity to cook up something special to pour in syrup. I mean, New Years Resolutions for diets don’t really start until the day after New Years, right?
I had taken out some pureed pumpkin yesterday that I thought I would use for soup. But I never got around to making it. I knew that with some spices and sugar it would taste pretty amazing in the french toast. I was spot on. I mean, french toast is pretty comforting on it’s own, but when it’s pumpkin flavored and covered in real maple syrup it is over the top delicious. Trust me.
Pumpkin French Toast
serves 4
3 eggs
1/2 c milk
1/2 c pureed pumpkin
2 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tb brown sugar
8 slices bread
cooking spray
Beat first 6 ingredients together. Heat up a medium skillet and spray with cooking spray. One at a time, dip each piece of bread in egg mixture and place on the skillet. Over medium-low heat, cook bread 1-2 minutes per side. Keep slices of bread warm in a 200F oven until service.