It’s Not Goodbye, it’s Dubai

I am sitting on my old couch in my new home. Thousands of miles away from Cincinnati. It is Day 5 here in sweltering Dubai, and we are doing surprisingly okay.

The decision to move here was made quickly, but not without tons and tons of discussion, consideration, tears, list-making of pros and cons, and asking the question, “WHY?”.

Ultimately, we knew the experience would be once we could not possibly pass up. Yes, there were many risks, hopefully none of which will do irreparable harm, but there were also many, many possible rewards.

So we decided to dive head-first and go all in.

Our journey to Dubai started 5 months ago when the Great Husband whisked me out here for a whirlwind trip of a mere 4 days. We had to check out this place before he accepted an offer from his company to relocate.

Our short trip was a total shock to my system. The entire time I felt like there was a heavy weight on my chest. I knew it was the pressure of making the decision that had me feeling that way. The city itself presented beautifully. Tall buildings, fancy cars, huge shopping, and Subway. It felt like a mix between Vegas and NYC. So, through my tears I said I knew we could do this and gave the thumbs up for him to accept the job.

Well, actually I said, “I really want to say ‘no’ because I am scared, but deep down my heart is telling me I’ll regret it if we pass this up.”

For the next 4 months we said goodbye. Every interaction felt important because I wasn’t sure how I was going to live my daily life without the people that were so important to me. The Great Husband left 3 months before us, so that was a difficult goodbye. My family, friends, my Jazzercise students, & my neighbors. Ann, the bagging lady at Kroger, all the servers at Skyline, the childcare staff at the Sports Club. Every time I saw these people over the last few months it reminded me of how grateful I am of them and how lucky I had been to see them almost every day.

Then there were the trips and going away celebrations. All of them special and fun and engrained in my memory for life.

Then there was our last day in Cincinnati.

So many tears.

So many hugs.

SO many feelings bursting at the seams.

A tearful drop-off at the airport…

A phone call to a friend 8 hours later, “Can I come stay at your house tonight? Our flight was delayed. Then delayed again. Then we finally got on and they announced the plane was not working and we would have to get off and switch planes. So we missed our connection. And there is not another available flight to Dubai for two days.”

A phone call to the Great Husband, who started to bawl because he missed us so much and this was just the icing on the cake and he couldn’t hold it together anymore.

Yes, we said our tearful goodbyes and turned around and walked right back in the door. For 2 more days.

48 hours later, we say goodbye again. Less tears this time. We were READY!

We hopped into my dad’s car.

Driving over a bridge Quinn starts to get sick. REALLY sick.

I dump out my purse and throw it to her.

Right in time for her to fill it up with the contents of her stomach.

Minor setback. I use a plastic bag for a purse. Sure wish I had that plastic bag in the car when she was getting sick!

Flight #1 to Atlanta. No delays. Smooth sailing.

Since we had 5 hours in Atlanta I paid our way into the Sky Club. We deserved a little comfort.

After a stern warning that we have to act properly, quietly, and NO RUNNING, Declan goes running to our chairs, trips and falls, and splashes his strawberry smoothie.

All. Over.

On. Carpet.

I really wanted a drink at this point. A stiff one. I refrained. I needed a clear mind to get us through.

After 5 hours, popcorn spilled, 3 epic arguments between bro and sis, games of UNO, tears, I pads, and books, it was time to catch our plane.

We arrived at the gate more ready than ever for our last leg of the trip.


More food, more spills, more tears, more UNO.

Finally on the plane. FINALLY!

Sleep, Movies, Food, UNO, books, coloring, sleep, fighting, tears, potty, tears, UNO, potty, food, fighting, movies, tears, food, potty, DUBAI!

Walking off the plane and seeing the Great Husband at that moment was one of the greatest moments of my life. I gave him the BO-filled hug and a morning breath kiss of his life.

Which brings me back to today.

I am going to try to blog this experience as much as I possibly can. I hope you can join me.

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