Life before kids was pretty exciting. We lived in a loft in the big city of Chicago. So many opportunities were at our fingertips. I wanted to make the most of living there, and follow some dreams. One of them was to take classes at the famed Second City.
I spent year taking classes every week with the same crazy, wacky people. I could chalk it up to one of the most fun experiences of my life. One of the best parts of taking classes there was the opportunity to perform on the Main Stage. The same place where Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and a whole bunch of famously funny people got their start.
Our performance was always pretty scary for me. The pressure to be funny weighed on me heavily. Our show was always short and consisted of playing some improv games. We had practiced these games over and over in class. It would always begin with getting help from the audience, so you never knew what your subject would be, and you had to create the punchline on demand. Often times people in the audience in a show would yell out the same things we had practiced in class. It was the unspoken rule to not repeat the same jokes. It was another unspoken rule to NEVER repeat someone else’s jokes.
But I did.
I was that girl.
The audience yelled out an idea.
We as performers were quiet for what felt like 5 minutes. In reality it was probably 5 seconds. I jumped up and spat out someone else’s joke. It was like slow motion.
I said it.
I couldn’t take it back.
I got a huge laugh.
No one in my class said a word about it.
Not at the after party. Not at the next session.
But they all knew.
And so did I.

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