The family and I are headed to California for a family trip down the coast.  I am SUPER excited about this trip.  We have been planning it for months and months and I can’t believe it is almost here.
However, I have to say that I am also a little anxious.  Here are a few reasons why:
I hate to fly.  Terrified.
Declan has never flown before, so I have no idea how he’ll do. (Benedryl anyone?)
There is a 3 hour time change for the kids to adjust to. (4 am wake up)
3 days into the trip we have a half-marathon to run.
Yes.  A half-marathon.  The Great Husband said he had always wanted to run the Napa Valley half marathon.  We agreed it would be a great way to start the trip.  Napa Valley with all her beauty and sweet, sweet wine.
Then my ego got in the way.  I couldn’t possibly watch him cross a finish line and celebrate without me.  So I signed up too.
Seriously.  What was I thinking?
Guess how seriously we have taken training for this race.  Yeah.  Not at all.
When asking the Great Husband if he could get up and run 13.1 miles without training he twists his face up and replies, “Uh, Yeah!  But I want to make this memory with you. So I will run at your pace.  We will cross the finish line together.”
That’s my man.
So I dream of us running together through the valleys of Napa and Sanoma.  At all of the water stations they are handing out cold glasses of chardonnay.  Thomas Keller is standing on the sidelines yelling in encouragement.  We are smiling, happy, and running the entire way.
That’s my dream.
I am sure it will pan out something like this:  I am only able to run about 7 miles.  I walk the rest.  I yell at Jeremiah for nothing.  Just because I am frustrated.  I am tired, thirsty, and have to pee.

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Hungry, Hungry Ego

I am a ham.  I fully admit it.  I love a captive audience and my favorite thing to do is to make people laugh.  When my sister Colleen got married, I worked for days on my speech.  My other sister Maureen did hers on the fly.  
Guess who’s flopped.
That’s right. Mine.
Like crickets chirping, nose blowing silence.  
I tapped the mic, “Is this thing on?”
One child over under 10 laughed, but I am pretty sure that was because someone next him passed gas loudly.
Maureen?  She took the house down.  She had a zinger that everyone remembered.
People were coming up to her the rest of the night, “Oh, Maureen!  You are so funny.  Erin, isn’t your sister SO funny!?”
Thank God for my captive audience at Jazzercise.  I can make them laugh pretty easily.  THEY think I am funny. 
I am grateful for Facebook.  I can say something funny and get instant gratification through “likes” and comments.
And of course there is this blog.  A wonderful outlet to feed my ego.  I write, and pray that people read.  And some people actually do!  Thank YOU for helping me feel worthy!
For that, I will give you a simple and DELISH recipe to make.  Great for a crowd, or you can eat it all up yourself.  
That’s what I would do.
Grill Roasted Garlic 
2 heads garlic
2 Tb olive oil

Slice the top of the head of each garlic bulb.  
Place both bulbs on a large sheet of aluminum foil.  .
Pour olive oil over the garlic bulbs and wrap the foil around them.
Place in a preheated grill away from flame.  If you have a shelf on your grill, put it on there.  
Close the grill and cook for 40 mins to an hour.
The garlic will become soft and mushy.  Perfect to spread on some crusty bread you warmed up on the grill.  Just carefully (IT IS HOT) squeeze the bulb and the garlic will pour out.
MMMMMM.  Enjoy.

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