My New Favorite Blog

Eila of Full Plate Blog posted a link on Facebook today of another blog.
This isn’t just any blog.
It is story upon story of love, happiness, pain, sorrow, and survival.
If I suggest anything for you to try, it is to read this woman’s blog.
Start from the beginning.
Spend time reading it.
Don’t get sick over how much she loves her husband.
Just keep reading.
It inspired me to be a better wife.
A better mother.
To appreciate every second of my life.
Even the hard times.
Read it.
Go to the archives and start from the beginning.
Just to make this post all the more relevent to my blog, she has a food blog too!

One thought on “My New Favorite Blog

  1. Melanie

    erin, i have been reading nie nie dialogues for about a year. she is truly an inspiration. did you see she was just on oprah this week? amazing….


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