When I was a kid growing up in the Chicago area, we would spend weeks at my aunt’s cottage up in Michigan. It was simple, rustic, small, and we loved it. It placed right on Sweet Lake, where we had a dock and floating raft. Our freedom came when we passed the test of swimming out to the raft and back. Once we could accomplish that, we were allowed to swim on our own, but we still would have to wait for the temprature to hit 70 before we were allowed to get in the water.
We spend each and every day in our swimsuits, only coming inside for meals and The Price is Right.
A small cottage packed full of my brother, sisters, and whichever cousins were up there at the time. My mom and her sisters would be playing cards or working on some project, and we would entertain ourselves for hours on end. No worries. No responsibilities. No commitments. Just being a kid.
I have some really great memories of those summers.

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