Climb Every Mountain

I have made my daughter an official addict of “The Sound of Music.” Although she really only cares for the songs (thank God for the ability to skip around on DVD), she asks for the movie daily.
“Can we watch the princesses and the two boys sing?”

She clearly believes that when you have the voice of an angel, like Julie Andrews and the Von Trap girls, then you are deemed a princess. I say that is totally fair in my book.

You see, my daughter is a sucker for a good song. Who can blame her? She loves music. I started giving her the gift of music pretty early on when I would put my I-pod buds on my belly and play her some tunes.

I always believed music would be my life.

I knew I was destined for Broadway.

But here I am instead singing The Outfield’s Lose Your Love on a Friday night.

My audience? My husband, daughter, and her overstuffed teddy bear.

My microphone? A whisk.

My dance moves? Hot…inspired by Jazzercise.

My costume? T-shirt, shorts, and apron.

Tickets? Sold Out.

Yes, it generally not a show to be missed in my home. My Broadway dreams have been dwindled down to this. But I will gladly take it.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to live vicariously through my daughter by becoming a stage mom. However, I will let her know that ANYTHING is possible and she is quite capable of making any of her dreams come true…whatever they may be.

Speaking of making dreams come true, I have officially hosted my first two trial cooking classes. I have to say that I am fairly happy with the way they went. For having never attempted them before, things went pretty smoothly. My audience, my friends, have been fantastic and been able to give me a lot of great ideas of where to go as well as a ton of encouragement. I will be forever thankful for that, and will show them my gratitude by forcing them to talk up the classes to their friends and family!

The final trial group class is this Wednesday. My air conditioner is broken. It’s 90 degrees. I pray to Mother Nature to chill out for a while. I also pray to Logan Heating and Cooling to get this problem fixed by Wednesday evening.

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