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Jammin’ On The Run

We were finally able to put out the patio furniture. The first sign of summer in our home. We have been eating our meals outside, and loving every minute of it.

We spent some major time doing some landscaping, and what do you know? The deer have taken a fondness towards 6 of the bushes I planted. What once was a group of cute flowering bushes is now a group of stubs. I think they have no hope.

We have tried all kinds of deer repellent, from store bought to homemade urine. Nothing seems to work. We would have to get a fence 10 feet high to keep this family of deer away. It makes my husband absolutely crazy! When The Great Husband gets into deer mode, he reminds me of Bill Murray chasing the mole away on Caddyshack. Yes, it is that bad.

These deer have also crashed any sort of dreams I had of planting a vegetable garden. I was so excited to finally have a home with a yard. I had visions of growing food to feed my family, and spending time canning at harvest time. Visions squashed.

At least I have my sister Colleen. She has over doubled her garden space, so I can’t wait to get over there and plant some veggies. I think we may have a more successful garden this year! Learning from our mistakes can only make it better. I’ll keep you updated, and hopefully share some recipes from the veggies we grow. Who knows, maybe we will have surplus this year!

On a different note, my friend Melanie recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy. I got to see him yesterday, and couldn’t get over how wee he is. I forgot how small newborns start out as.

I was able to bring her over some No-Knead Bread and Double Berry Jam I made. I have to say, bringing over homemade bread and jam looks like you spend hour in the kitchen slaving over these items. The truth is, both of these recipes are SUPER DUPER EASY.

Martha Stewart taught me the method for making this jam, and I ran with it. I added my own touch to this simple method.


1 1/2 Quarts strawberries, hulled

1 1/2 pints blueberries

1/2 c + 3 Tb sugar

2 Tb Lemon Juice

1. After washing berries, place them in a food processor and roughly chop.

2. Pour into a large pan.

3. Add sugar and lemon juice

4. Cook over medium -low heat until bubbles are covering the entire top and mixture is thick, about 15 minutes.

5. Pour into a jar and let cool.

6. Cover and refridgerate for up to 2 weeks.

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