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As many of you readers experienced first hand, southern Ohio was hit with a nasty wind storm a couple of weeks ago. Who knew that a hurricane hundreds of miles south could have such a devastating effect on our part of the country.

While driving back from Papa’s farm, we saw the trees along Rt. 32 blowing furiously. Our car was moving back and forth, but we were driving along mostly open fields. We did not realize the absolute power of these winds until we reached civilization. Garbage and debris blowing around, a Wendy’s sign blew right off of it’s post and into the street, no power. NO power. We drove into our neighborhood only to see people dressed in Bengals jerseys standing outside of bars. Trees that were 100 years old were snapped right in half. Some landed on cars. Some on homes.

All this and it was a clear, sunny day. It was by far one of the most eerie sights I have seen.

We were lucky enough to have escaped any damage. Only loss of power. Us and 500,000 other people in the area. At this point we didn’t know exactly how many people had lost power, so we thought it would come on pretty quickly.

Thank goodness our nice neighbors lent us some candles. We put our daughter to bed, drank wine and played Scrabble by candlelight. It was one of the best nights we had in a while. Simple and free of distraction. The weird part was the silence. There was total and complete silence in the neighborhood. No buzz of power, hardly any cars driving by. Just complete silence.

By day two we started to wonder when the power would return. They were saying it could be days. It made us realize how very dependent on everything electric we are.

I decided to embrace the idea and built a fire to cook over. Just kidding. We ate out. We stayed at my mom’s, who did have power.

By day three I knew everything in the freezer and fridge was a loss. The only thing I was able to salvage was my frozen pizza dough. Good enough. Pizza was the first meal I made after the power came on.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

1 prepared pizza dough

1 c cooked chicken breast

1/4 c buffalo style hot sauce

1/2 c blue cheese crumbles

Preheat oven to 425F. Roll out pizza dough into a 12″ circle. Spread half of the hot sauce on dough as you would pizza sauce. Sprinkle chicken breast and blue cheese all over dough. Drizzle remaining sauce over chicken and cheese. Bake for 10-12 minutes until crust is brown and crisp.

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