Millions of Peaches

It’s peach season these days. I like peach season. Sweet, run-down-your-chin juicy peaches are a fantastic summer treat. They are also wonderful used in a fruit salad, cut up in yogurt, or put on pork…

Grilled Pork Chops with Peach Glaze

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Locally Delicious

I don’t usually talk about restaurants on here, but I felt I had to mention this one. The great husband and I were lucky enough to have a date night last weekend. We decided to go try a place we have never been, which brought us to Nectar in Mt. Lookout.
Julie Francis, owner of the former Aioli downtown Cincinnati, is the chef/owner at this establishment. On her menu she states,

Nectar is proud to serve as much locally produced vegetables, meats, and products like eggs and cheeses on our menu as possible. We are committed to supporting a healthy, sustainable approach to enjoying good food.”

I can’t resist a place that supports their local farmer.

The meal was wonderful, consisting of a fantastic almond encrusted fish, local greens, a cold soup of local potatoes and leeks, and an amazing vegetarian plate with falafel.

I highly recommend this establishment if you are looking for a nice night out with friends or a loved one. I have yet to try their Sunday brunch, but by the looks of the menu, it is definitely worth a try.

Speaking of local, I have been lucky enough to have a Sunday farmer’s market within walking distance of my home. We make our weekly walk to get our eggs, produce, bread, and pork. I am not usually a squash person, but I love getting it freshly grown.
I saute it in a little butter and olive oil. Splash a bit of balsamic vinegar and a dash of salt in the in the pan. It is a total treat. Even the little girl loves it.

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