Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

I was in Cincinnati last week looking at homes. Yes, as of the end of May we will be residents of the ‘Nati once again. We are sad to leave, but excited to go.

Knowing that we wouldn’t be in a home early enough to plant a garden, my generous sister Colleen lent me a piece of her land. With the help of her and her husband Andy, and the advice from my father and mother in-law, I think we are going to have something that is a success…I hope. Having never done this before, Colleen and I were kind of all over the place as to what and where to plant things.

We decided to do a raised bed organic garden. Thank God the Home Depot guy was knowledgeable about this, otherwise we may have been in some trouble. The workers helped us with buying the organic soil and treated wood, and even loaded our car.

Can I mention here that they were also ready and very willing to help? In Chicago, I spend at least the first 10 minutes of each home depot trip searching for an employee. I swear they hide from me because “Needy” is written all over my face.

I way over-bought starter plants, soil, and seeds, but as I said, it is my first time. We started off by tilling the existing soil with some of our organic soil. I hated this part. The ground was hard and I only had a shovel. It took me forever, but I got through it, blisters and all.

Next up Handy Andy came and built our wall. Something I would have done completely incorrectly if I had attempted it myself. It’s nice to have a handy person around. Colleen and I filled the bed with organic soil and let it sit in the rain for a couple of days. Finally our day to plant came. This is where I am pretty sure I faultered. We weren’t confident how to plant vegetables. What should go next to each other? How far apart? How deep? The directions on the labels were not always clear, so we just guessed. I figure if we get a little bit of each thing we can call it a success for our first time. In the end, this is what we planted:

Red Onions


Brussels Sprouts


Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash

Peas (compliments of my mother-in-law)

Along the house we planted bushes of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

And TONS of tomatoes along the fence…which means this fall we will be learning the art of canning.

3 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

  1. Jen

    Do you know who we know that is all about gardening and has a mighty big garden himself? Josh! If you have questions, he’s an excellent resource.

    Yay for your garden!!

    I’m going to try and grow tomatoes and sunflowers in our yard this year. In my opinion, there is nothing better than picking a sun-ripened tomato straight off the vine and eating it. Yum!

  2. Erin

    I never would have guessed. He’ll be good to swap stories with!!
    Home grown tomatoes are the ONLY way to go in the summertime!!!


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