I’ve Got The Remedy

I had mentioned in a previous post that when I receive my Fresh Picks box of produce, I am not always sure what they will be bringing me. Case in point, Burdock Root. When I receive a bunch of what looks like tree stems, I get a little intimidated. I had to do a little research on the item before I even attempted to make anything.
From what I read in various places, this Burdock Root is pretty darn good for you. It is an Asian root believed to have many healing qualities in it’s many forms; acne, hair loss, water retention, dandruff, and it is believed to purify the blood. Sounds like something that was peddled in the back of a wagon from a peddler who had the remedy for everything. “Social outcasts come one, come all. I have the cure for your acne, dandruff, and bloating all in one tiny little bottle.”
I didn’t have to go far for a recipe. I chose a simple preparation that was given on the back of it’s bag; Burdock and Carrot Slaw. The sweetness of the burdock and carrot along with the nuttiness of the sesame oil makes a really nice combination. And hey, if it heals a pimple it’s just an added bonus, right?

The Vegetables:
1 cup burdock, scrubbed well, julienned
1/2 cup peeled carrot, julienned
2 Tbs. green onion or shallot, minced
1 tsp. sesame seeds, lightly toasted

The Marinade:
4 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp rice vinegar
2 Tbs honey

Sprinkle seeds over chopped veggies and toss with marinade. Chill 4 hours . Serves 4 – 6.

Note: I used a peeler to make the carrot and burdock into more of a noodle. I did not feel like chopping tiny little sticks all night.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Remedy

  1. Anonymous

    That actually sounds really good. It looks like a chinese food that would/could be served hot. What did you serve it with?

  2. sarah kaplan

    guess what i have been doing at work! making pizzas pizzas pizzas! sometimes the cooks let me experiment and make my own concoctions. i have been getting many compliments. people really like my version of the meat lovers pizza, and the last one i made was a white pizza with garlic chicken, onions, fresh chopped tomatoes and greek seasoning. it was pretty good. now i want to start a pizzeria lol. let me know if you have any good pizza recipes that i can try.

  3. Kristi

    that looks really good. how did the burdock root taste? do you know if it is easy to find in a regular grocery store or whole foods? happy monday!

  4. Erin

    Anonymous-I would think it may be pretty good hot as well. I ate it as a snack, but would think it would be good with Asain food.

    Sarah-good for you! Your pizza sounds delicious.

    Kristi-Burdock was kind of sweet. I have never seen it in a store, but I have also never kept an eye out for it so it may be there. Hope you are well!!


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