As some of you may know, yesterday was my birthday. Having a New Year’s Eve birthday is both a blessing and a curse. When I was young, it stunk. I would get combined birthday/Christmas gifts sometimes. My mom usually had plans for that night. It really got lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday. I usually ended up crying. I never handled disappointment well.
When I got older, it was a blast. There were always parties to go to. Always things to do. Always fun to be had. It just couldn’t really go wrong.
Now I am 32 and I it has lost it’s luster. Don’t get me wrong, I still milk it for all it’s worth. My husband treats me like a Queen, and I graciously let him. Now that we have a child, it makes it pretty impossible to go out on New Years anymore. Who can possibly get a sitter for that night?! We decided to make the best of it and create our own little restaurant setting in our home.
We had talked for weeks about getting live lobsters and cooking them up. I had my dear husband call the store that morning to make sure we didn’t need to reserve any. They said they had plenty and were getting more later in the day. Perfect!
Except that we arrived to the store only to see an empty tank. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I almost started to cry. It was like my birthdays when I was young. Like I said, I never handled disappointment really well. In his positive fashion, my husband told me we had to make this lemon into lemonade. I stormed away from him. I didn’t want lemonade, I wanted Lobster damn it!
After taking a deep breath and realized I was being a totally spoiled brat ( God, there are starving people in this world and I am getting upset because I can’t have lobster?! What have I turned into?), I walked back to him and agreed that lemonade should be made.
We decided to go surf & turf. Fantastic fillets, sushi grade tuna, and jumbo shrimp. The food was so good that we really didn’t have to do a thing to it. We made a “tuna two ways” plate; raw and seared. This appetizer was pefect.
We just seasoned the fillets with salt and pepper and tossed them on the stove-top grill. Topped them with some blue cheese and served them the shrimp. It was so fantastic. Best lemonade I ever had.
It was a perfect birthday. I am blessed with such wonderful family and fabulous friends. How could I ever shed a tear?

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  1. meg

    happy birthday!!!!!…sorry about your lobster…you aren’t a spoiled brat by the way…just a woman who knows what she wants.

  2. bhags

    Many happy returns of the day…:)
    So it was a perfect day for you….and yes, i agree with meg, its ur bday and u shud ask for what u want….

  3. kristi

    Amazing! That tuna looks really good. Don’t feel bad about your reaction to the lobster, i’m glad it worked out for the best!


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