Cupcakes for Breakfast

Our balcony has been neglected the last month or two. The weather started to turn cold, our plants and herbs began to die, and the wind had blown things around. It was time to venture out there and see what the true damage was. I looked around. The theme to Sanford and Son popped into my head. It was a disaster. How could we have let such a small space get so disgusting? I tied on my gloves and went to work.

10 minutes later I was finished.
I know, I know, ten minutes is nothing. You’re right, but it is only a 4′ x 8′ balcony. What do you expect?

In that 10 minutes I had worked up an appetite for breakfast. I bought a tube of biscuits awhile ago that I had yet to use. They were tempting me to try something new and different, so as long as I was having an adventurous day, I decided to go for it. Here is what I came up with:

Savory Egg Cupcakes

serves 4

1 tube biscuits
4 eggs
1/4 Italian cheese blend
Cooking Spray
4 Tb Pesto

Preheat oven to 450F.

Remove 4 biscuit dough rounds from tube and roll each one of them out into a round on a floured surface. The round should be about doubled from it’s original size.

Spray a cupcake pan with cooking spray. Place one dough round into each of the cupcake molds.

Crack eggs into a bowl. Place one yolk and a tiny bit of white into each mold on top of the dough.

Cook for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle cheese on top. Let cool for 2 minutes. Remove egg cupcakes from muffin pan and serve atop a tablespoon of pesto.
Here is what I did with the remaining biscuits from the tube:

Roll rounds into balls and place them next to each other, touching, on a greased cookie sheet. Drizzle melted butter on dough. Sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon. Bake at 450F for 10 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Breakfast

  1. Anonymous

    that looks good erin, it is making me hungry.

    the other night travis’ step-dad had a roll of biscuits that he hadn’t used, so he cooked up a brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped nuts concoction and poured it on top of them and baked them…

    they were soooo delicious. i suggested to him that next time he should try slicing some apples and placing them in the biscuits with some of the sauce and he is going to try it.

    last month i came up with an individual chicken pot-pie recipe using a roll of biscuits and ramekins. it was tasty and i decided to start my own cookbook folder for future use.

    can’t wait to cook with you over thanksgiving!!!!!!!! you will have to plan on teaching me some of the things you learned in culinary school!

    love your little sister,

  2. Anonymous

    Wanted to let you know that I also found left over pizza and pumpkin butter in your refrigerator. I put the pumpkin butter on top of a warmed up piece of cheese pizza and it was really good. You could make it into an “official” recipe.


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