Sprouting Up a Good Idea

I recently picked up some crunchy sprouts at the farmer’s market. I have never tasted them before, but they looked really interesting to me. Unfortunately, when I returned home and tasted them, I wasn’t pleased. They had a raw flavor to them. It kind of reminded me of eating a raw potato.
That night I grilled up an amazing cut of beef tenderloin that was given to my by my mother. I had marinaded it in some soy sauce mixed with brown surgar and fired it on the grill until it was a nice medium rare. I have to admit, I suprised myself. I am not very grill savvy, but I did a hell of a job this time. Totally impressed the husband as well.
Anyhow, I roasted some beets to serve on the side. I was out of mixed baby greens and goat cheese for my regular beet salad. I pulled out the crunchy sprouts and sauted them with some olive oil, then lightly salted them. It was delicious. They gave off a really smokey and nutty flavor that added nicely to the roasted beets. I drizzled some reduced balsamic vinegar and hazlenut oil and served it up. It was one of those dinners that I had to gloat about. I think my husband was a little annoyed about how much gloating I was actually doing…but I don’t care.

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