Rising to the Occasion

I was feeling very adventurous the other day and decided to make some bread. Not the easy No-Knead Bread that I have raved about in the past, but the painstakingly long recipe for French Baguette. I pulled out my On Baking book from culinary school and decided to jump in and do it. Did I mention that this recipe requires an old dough? This means I had to make not one, but 2 doughs. Yes, I had to knead and rise both of them as well.
Okay, it may seem as if I am complaining, but actually I have found the bread-making process to be sort of therapeutic. I mean, I can fall deep into thought while kneading over and over and over again. It requires me to be patient, a quality I sometimes, okay often, struggle with. In the end though, it is really quite amazing to see the life that bread takes on during the process. To watch your small dough ball double in size, to punch it down, to knead it as if you were giving it a massage to revive it’s muscles. I really love baking bread the old school way. I don’t always have the time for it, but it is quite a luxury when I do.

I made a fantastic beet sandwich with my bread. Roasted beets, goat cheese, and arugula micro-greens. A wonderful fall lunch to compliment the bread I was so proud of.

3 thoughts on “Rising to the Occasion

  1. Anonymous

    That looks like a very tasty sandwich. Nice work on the baguette! I’m in the proccess of making your no knead recipe right now! Yummy!


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