Fancy Tasting You Here…

My husband and I had the great luck to get a night out last Friday. We were so excited to have dinner out where we didn’t have to worry about anyone throwing food, spilling milk, or knocking things off the table. It’s a wonderful feeling.
We made reservations at a Latin/tapas restaurants that is supposed to be one of the hot places to go in the city these days. The restaurant had a chef’s tasting option that I knew I wanted to to take advantage of. I love doing a chef’s tasting at a restaurant. Seeing and tasting what the chef comes up with on a whim is always fun for me.
After 5 courses I have to say that we were both feeling pretty disappointed. Most of the courses had great components that couldn’t be tasted because of one overwhelming flavor or another. The dish was either over-salted, over-seasoned, over-mayonnaised, or bland. It made me sad. Not only that we wasted our evening and money on a mediocre meal, but also that I didn’t get the experience of complimenting flavors doing a tango in my mouth. We both really wanted that. During dinner we got on the discussion how we find it funny that a restaurant can become popular serving mediocre food. We decided that it all comes down to atmosphere, fancy menu wording, and fancy plating.
Last night I made a Crispy Wanton Filled With Fresh Sweet Corn, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Black Beans with a hint of cilantro served with a Creamy Molasses Tomato Sauce.
In reality I deep fried a wanton wrapper filled with bean salad and had some BBQ and ranch dressing mixed together for dipping. Which sounds more appealing to you?

6 thoughts on “Fancy Tasting You Here…

  1. Saju

    hehe you are so right, words can work magic.
    for lunch I had lightly toasted whole wheat bread with a dusting of cinnamon sugar!
    or toast!


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