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One of my favorite shows these days is Top Chef. I love watching the drama, the competition, and most of all the cooking. There are at least 3 times during each episode I say to myself, I could never be on this show. It amazes me the skill, technique, and creativeness these chef competitors have. What also tricks me out every time is their ability to come up with beautiful, intricate, and delicious dishes at the drop of a hat!

I realize they all have professional experience, and most have professional training, but that doesn’t always make you good at what you do. I attended culinary school for a while, and my knife skills are still crap. At this point I think they are beyond repair.

Last episode of Top Chef, the final 5 chefs went to the infamous Le Cirque restaurant in NY. They were served a Paupiette of Sea Bass atop sauteed leeks. Contestants were told they had to recreate this dish in 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES!!!

My husband and I attempted to make this dish last night. With 2 of us it took about an hour…following a recipe. Sad, I know. Reason number 43 why I could never even audition for that show.

In the end though, I must say that dish was truly amazing. Truly! We were so proud of ourselves. Our technique was a bit off. I didn’t slice the potatoes long enough, so they didn’t go fully around. The leeks were a little over cooked. I accidentally strained most of the sauce right into the sink (duh!) so I was left with very little of it. However, the taste was phenomenal. It was one of those meals when I get sad when I get to the last bite.
I am fine with the fact that I could never make it onto Top Chef. I am totally comforatable being Top MotherChef of my home.
If you have some time to spend in the kitchen, put your skill to the test and try this recipe. The one I found is written by Chef Daniel Boulud and is actually a version of the one served at Le Cirque.
P.S. If you are wondering who I want to win Top Chef, it’s Casey. It’s about time a woman got in there and kicked some booty!

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  1. Kelly Mahoney

    I watched Top Chef when I was bumming around my parents’ house last week. It looks like I missed quite the season.

    I have never attended any kind of cooking school and my knife skills are also very poor. I’ve done some online tutorials, but I feel like I’ll never get it right. I’d love to use some of the recipes on the Top Chef Web site though, they look delicious and after seeing them on TV, I think I could at least mimic the presentation style.


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