There’s No Place Like Home

It’s good to be home. Our long summer of constant travel has come to an end. My husband and I were talking last night about how lucky we are to have the opportunity to go so many places and visit so many great people, but it’s good to spend some time at home.

Our trip to Charleston, SC was a great time. Charleston is a beautiful and historic city that provided us with a lot of options for activity. We went to the beach a few times, did a historic walk, drove up to Savannah, GA, and swam in the hotel pool. It was perfect. I think Quinn had a great time until the last couple of days. She clearly let us know she was ready to go home when we were out to dinner and she took all of her food and swiped it right on to the floor while throwing an impressive temper tantrum. Yes, two nights in a row we left our meals uneaten because she didn’t want to be there. Oh well, the joys of having a child. We know for our next family vacation we should rent a house that has a kitchen. It’s only fair to all of us.

The first night home she slept for 14 hours. A sign that we may have stretched the girl a bit too far on vacation. Too much sun, too much eating out, too much play. Can there ever be too much of those things? I guess for a 10 month old child there can.

Have I mentioned yet that it is good to be home?

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Anonymous

    I’m so happy you guys are home too! I was going though withdrawl of no Mother Chef entries for a whole week!!! Can’t wait to see you Friday!


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