One of Many Culinary Disasters

So I tried to make Ceviche this week. “Tried” being the key word. There was a lot of Sea Bass left over from the Paupiette I had made, so I didn’t want to waste it. My husband had been begging me to to try making Ceviche for months. He loves the Ceviche at La Majada in Oak Park, and thought for sure I could make a killer batch. He was dead wrong.
I guess I need to sit down with a well-skilled Ceviche maker and learn the craft, because I now it’s clear that don’t have a clue.
Ceviche is made by cooking (pickling) the fish in a citrus, usually lemon and lime. I added onion, tomato and avocado to mine when the fish was finished marinading. It looked really edible, but it really wasn’t. I actually gagged. All I tasted was limey fish. I mean it was REALLY fishy tasting. My husband couldn’t finish his either. So by now you get the picture, it was BAD. My plea to anyone out there is to send me a great recipe for Ceviche that has never failed you. I am pretty scarred by this experience, and need and tested, tried, and true technique.
I know I am being dramatic about this experience, but it has been quite a while since I have made something that has actually made me gag when I ate it.
In culinary school, I had my share of disasters. Serving my Intro chef raw rack of lamb for example. There was another incident when I was 8 months pregnant and had plated a fish I had made and set it in front of my chef instructor. He looked at it, then at me. He simply said, “This is ugly,” and moved on to the next plate. I stood there with my huge belly and raging hormones trying to swallow back the tears. My daughter kicked inside my belly as if to say sarcastically, “Nice work, Mom.” Looking back I can honestly say that he was right it was truly ugly. I was pretty clumsy in the kitchen during my last 2 months of pregnancy. Okay, maybe it wasn’t only my last 2 months. We all have our faults, right?

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