Localvores Challange-Day 3

Today was a pretty easy day full of leftovers. Bread and pumpkin butter for breakfast. Salad and soup from last night for lunch. After attending the Green City Market again today, I had a fantastic dinner planned of veggie quesadillas and grilled corn salad, but my mom called and said my brother made a sup rise visit from out of town. They were all getting together for dinner. Knowing there was no chance I could convince them to come out to the city, and knowing my mom is moving away next month, I had to choose family over the challenge. So there you have it. I cheated and had a non-local meal.
Tomorrow is a new day though. I have a ton of options as to what I’ll be cooking. We are having company tonight, so I will go all out!

2 thoughts on “Localvores Challange-Day 3

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome Back Erin! Nice to see you back with a big bang localvore challenge. Good luck with it..can’t wait to read what you will dish up next.


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