Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I apologize that I have not updated in the last week. I have been away with my family for our annual trip to Michigan. Every year we have rented a different lake house, all coming in from our own parts of the Midwest to spend a much-needed week together. It is a fabulous and relaxing vacation that we enjoy. I have to admit though, by the end of the week we are all ready to leave. No matter what age we are, or how much we have matured, by a week’s time we start reverting back to our childhood roles a little bit and begin bickering and teasing like we did when we were kids.
Overall, the week is totally enjoyable, and somewhat relaxing. Not as leisurely as it was before most of us had children, though but still a good time.
Family vacation in the summer is a glutinous event that causes all of us to tip the scale a bit upon our return home. Going in August makes the eating so much more interesting due to the fact that there are so many fruits and vegetables at their peak during the month. There is a farmer’s stand every mile, so you have a pretty significant choice of where to go and what to get. We made a fabulous Caprese Salad with freshly picked tomatoes and basil, soft mozzarella, a sprinkle of Kosher Salt, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was incredible flavorful. I think tomatoes are the best thing about the month of August.

Sweet Michigan Corn has a pretty hot reputation as well. I don’t think I have ever tasted corn so tender and sweet. I felt pretty lucky to have been in the heart of some lovely local food. What’s a good vacation without great company, lots of laughter, and a couple more pounds on the body to remember the experience by?

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