No Knead To Worry

My husband’s step-mother recently sent me a bread recipe that she absolutely swears by. She told me that it is dependable and resiliant. Let me just tell you, she was absolutely right.

When I received the recipe that was published in the New York Times for No-Knead Bread adapted from Jim Lahey, I couldn’t wait to try it. I read it over. It looked VERY easy. Just my style of bread baking. I am honestly telling you that even if you have never baked yeast bread before, you must try this recipe. You will not be let down. I hear that this recipe was and still is a very popular recipe passed on to many people. I am here to pass it on to you.

The first time I made this bread it came out beautifully. The crust is a dream; warm and crispy. The bread was delicious lovely; perfect for dipping in olive oil. I couldn’t believe that this wonderful bread came from my oven.

Now it was time to add my spin. I have always wanted to make a perfect fresh pepper and garlic clove bread. Here was my chance. Following the exact recipe, I just added 20 cloves of garlic and some twists of the pepper mill. I must say, it was everything I had wanted and more.

The receip itslef entails about 20 hours of rising, so be patient. It is 100% worth it.

You can find the actual recipe here. If you want to make my version of fresh pepper and garlic, add pepper (amount to your liking) in step 1 while combining all ingredients. In step 3, after forming dough into a ball, poke the garlic cloves into the dough ball.

6 thoughts on “No Knead To Worry

  1. Asha

    I love baking bread and aroma of baking bread.Looks wonderful with Garlic stuck in there.I will try as soon as I come back.20hrs of resting time!! Woo Hoo!:)

  2. Anonymous

    i’m glad to see that it’s now a family recipe! i love this bread almost as much as i love potatoes! lol

    give my adorable niece a hug for me! i can’t wait to see you guys again.



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