Peachy Keen

It’s peach season! Sweet, juicy, run-down-your-chin goodness. Peaches with breakfast, lunch and best of all, dessert. On a hot summer day after a heavy meal, there is nothing better than some fruit for dessert. We had company the other night, and to mix things up a bit, I decided to throw some peaches on the grill. I knew that pineapple was fantastic on the grill, so why wouldn’t a peach be?

Cut the peaches in half and put them flat side down on the grill over medium heat. Close the grill for about 5-10 minutes so the peaches can become soft. If they are already very ripe, it will be a shorter time. The grill caramelizes the sugars and makes something so good even better.

Serve it with vanilla ice cream or coconut sorbet. Give it all a drizzle with honey. It is the perfect summer treat!

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