Party Time. Excellent.

It’s summertime which means it’s party time. Whether that means your cousin’s graduation party, or that crazy 4th of July BBQ you are always invited to, you must have easy party dish recipes on hand. One Recipe that I love bringing as an appetizer these days is goat cheese-filled sweet piquante peppers. They are super easy to prepare, but look pretty darn fancy.
These peppers can usually be found at the olive bar if your grocery store has one. They are sometimes jarred, but I have had a harder time finding them. Look in the jarred pickle/olive section. No luck? Try a specialty or gourmet shop if you have one close by. When purchasing goat cheese, look for the prepackaged Chevre in the long tube.
Let it sit out for a while to soften up, remove from packaging, then place the cheese in a piping bag with a medium tip, or simply cut the corner off a Ziplock bag and use that to pipe the cheese in.
Your friends will not only be impressed with how fancy it looks, but also how wonderful it tastes. The peppers pop on your taste buds, then the creamy goat cheese flows in. It’s like a little party in your mouth!

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