Just the beginning…

What does it mean to be a chef? I cook every day. Does that mean I am an unpaid personal chef for my family? I like to think so. I mean, I need to feel good about spending the money, effort and time on culinary school. Why am I not working at a job that actually pays me? Because during culinary school I became pregnant with my daughter Quinn, and all my priorities got switched around. I continued to go up to my 8th month of pregnancy. It was a challenge, but I wanted to finish as much as I possibly could before baby.
So, here I am 1 1/2 years after starting culinary school with 3 classes left to graduate, and no job in the industry. These things don’t bother me every day. I am so very lucky to have a child now and wouldn’t change that for the world. I just wonder sometimes what I would be doing had I gone straight through the program and finished with my classmates. Would I be working? Would I be happy? Only God knows.
So, here I am. Lady Chef at Home. Chef for my Family. Motherchef. That is actually okay with me. I will have critics who will let me know the truth without hurting my feelings…because I can take it from them. You may wonder how an 8 month old gives me her opinion. Well, it’s pretty obvious. If she keeps eating, she likes it. If she gags, makes a sour face, or pushes the second bite away, she doesn’t like it. Plus, I believe she may have a pretty mature palate. I took her to Chicago’s best farmer’s market yesterday and let her taste the chef’s demo of a glazed salmon. She LOVED it. That’s my girl!
I started this blog to keep a record of new meals I try, how they go over with my family, and could I possibly use them on other families if I decide to pursue the dream of personal chef sometime down the line. If anyone ever stumbles upon this blog and is interested enough to actually read on, maybe they will be inspired to try my recipes as well.

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